Saturday, June 2, 2012

Saturday Review - Do as I BekSpark

A new review of the brave, not afraid to show his face. And this time, my choice, too subjective and not discussed.

Why BekSpark - I did not understand. Google is silent, and alone it can be translated as ' return sparks '. But the fig to him with the nickname, let us blog.

If it was necessary to produce a blog as an example manimeykerskogo blog, it is this blog. First, it is clean and the little white aka Lamb of God. And the background, and advertising. Three banners - one GlavMed, the second companion, the third - on refku. Second, all articles are placed in one subject line without crashing. And it is gorgeous - something that I personally have never been able to. Thirdly, and this is fucked up, how important articles are written by hand of the author, and not reprinted.

The unusual arrangement of horizontal sections at the top - in fact, very comfortable, though not very clear what to do when the number of tags grows. Uebischny logo and banner appears, but forgive the author of this flaw - for example, I recently began to order all fignyushki - menus, and the designer is worth it, oh, how expensive. A strip search does not have a white field, and FIG guess that there must poke. But no one is poking and not on the blogs in the search. But the three-dimensional and three-dimensional information block squares the same titles to them looks quite organically, and fuck, that the canons forbid the mixing plane and volume.

That's what really fucking, it's a gray gradient penumbra under the cap. Half an hour wondering - why the hell she even tried to remove it in the shop - nothing has changed. Then he spit and plunged into the text. Design - Well it is not the main thing on the blog. Many topics are generally tyrennye or standard, as I have. And everything is neatly and to the point.

Russian language in height, if you omit all sorts of things like slips of the pen. For the errors I have Bournisien, everyone else I am waiting for the implementation of the rules of grammar and spelling. A little confused korotkovizna articles. I would like a more classic texts related to: the disclosure of the seed - O. And even the ' detailed ' articles consist of 2-3 paragraphs of recommendations. Still considered somewhat broader themes.

In general, a very good blog. Against the backdrop of hundreds of manimeykerskih blogs - this can be safely attributed to the best models in its class. If I had just started his way in manimeykinge, then it would start by reading this blog: short, clear and to the point.

So I recommend reading this blog and its author to write - you get all the good. I think I would still added a bit of personal experience. Not that ' I have spent money on traffic, and Nick did not work ', and described it a little bit of luck and routine. Readers not hurt to know that they do not just read the notes ' how best ', but the author follows the same advice to their success, achieving new heights.

And the tradition bezankornaya link to your blog:. backspark. net.


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