Wednesday, May 30, 2012

NASA hides the truth - (Video)

During 2007-2009, the former employees of NASA by Richard C. Hoagland and Ken Johnston held a series of press conferences. According to them, the organization of the world 's leading space for 40 years hiding the truth about what the mission the astronauts 'Apollo' on the Moon discovered traces of ancient civilizations.
The most detailed his views on the issue of lunar architecture and man-made artifacts Richard Hoagland outlines in his book Dark Mission. The Secret History of NASA ', which translated into Russian. Artifacts they devoted an entire chapter - ' Crystal Tower of the Moon '. Armed with the latest technology, Hoagland has analyzed satellite images surface. We are talking about the photographs, which were obtained by a manned mission to the U.S. 'Apollo' and automated research apparatus. The results were curious.
Hoagland pointed out the strange geometric formation in the crater Ukert. Moreover, in the crater is a dark triangular object against a brighter circle. It is interesting that earlier picture NASA AS10- 32- 4810 studied the American ufologist Stekling Fred, who saw the dark spots of the entrances to the sublunary alien bases, but did not pay attention to the formation of geometrically correct.

Meanwhile, in a picture LO-III-84M, made ​​one of the units mission ' Lunar Orbiter ', Hoagland spotted like a skittle tower half a mile. On the surface of the moon, millions of years of bombardment by asteroids and micrometeorites, this piece looked completely abnormal structure - with the tip of the irregular thickening of the middle and tapering down. Computer increase yielded very impressive results. The unusual structure composed of repeating complex internal crystalline forms, prominent in the facility. With increased computer Hoagland images taken with the negative LO-III-84M, which helped to identify a surprising internal structure consisting of a cubic or hexagonal cells, heavily damaged by time, but still clearly visible. Probably the size of these cells is about seventy feet.

The Dome of the Sea.

At the same picture you can see the ill-lit top a massive cube ' of the tower, most likely a glass. The initial assumption that the shot hit the moon the passing comet, was rejected, because in February 1967, when the picture was taken, there was no such. Calculations have shown that it is a glass tower height of more than seven miles. Computer processing of photographs indicated the presence of another anomaly, provisionally called ' fire in the desert '. This is a layer of carpet multimeter lunar surface material, which emits a reddish glow. The calculations showed that this material is likely to consist of fragments of glass and even something incomprehensible. Hoagland suggested that once upon a time there was the sea on the moon, which is completely covered with glass dome.

Approximately 100 miles southwest of the ' pins ' and glass towers of the research unit ' Sur - veyor -6 ' in November 1967 filmed something more interesting. It looked something like a sparkling beads. In the photo ' Surveyor ' visible glittering chains, which stretch along the western horizon, and the intense light of the geometrical structure, visible in the airless lunar sky background. Hoagland believes that this phenomenon may be caused only by the interaction of sunlight and a giant glass dome, located directly above the surface of the moon.

Preserve artifacts.

The real treasure was a snapshot of NASA AS 10-32-4822, made ​​by ' Apollo- 10'v 1969. To the north- west of the crater is already known to us Ukert it is well seen an unusual area of ​​the lunar surface with sharp geometric outlines. Due to the fact that the area looks almost like a city, a consultant in geology even gave him the nickname ' Los Angeles on the Moon '. The photo on the area of ​​hundreds of square miles, roughly equal to the square earth in Los Angeles, is seen surprisingly regular three-dimensional image. The series of lines stretching across the surface sometimes for tens of kilometers, seem remarkably similar to the streets and avenues of earthly cities. But it s some places in the photo can be easily seen around the craters of diameter per mile. It seems as though the moon was bombed city. In this case it is possible to assume that this bombardment of meteorites have nothing to do - most likely, we are talking about using nuclear weapons. Independent experts have recognized: from the geological point of view ' Lunar Los Angeles ' - 'city' is relatively young, he was on the strength of several hundred million years.

In the picture AS 10-32-4822, researchers also found an object - a giant lock, extremely similar to Neuschwanstein, built by King Ludwig II of Bavaria. That's just the height of the lunar ' castle ' up to 11 miles. Studying the picture, Hoagland came to an unexpected conclusion: the castle hangs above the lunar surface, and in the air to keep the wire. But at this point with him, perhaps, one can argue: maybe just a lock installed on a completely dark or on the basis of a mirror and an extremely flat surface. The optical effect, where the island or the ships seem to be hovering over the water, is well known to navigators for a long time. On the surface of the moon, as you know, there is no water, but it may well be a mirror area around the proposed Castle. Why not? . Within this ' wires ' could easily pass the whole communication nodes. And not only, for example, fiber- optic lines, but, let's pneumatic railway.

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