Friday, May 25, 2012

My poor good blog

Have not done something good for the young and not so bloggers. So, again, the game on a set of tables.

Do you have a blog. But you do not know what is wrong with him. Like and write articles on a regular basis, and others follow the instructions, and the search for work, and do not grow on the reader performance and attendance. I'll try to guess the cause of this failure.

The commentary should give a link to its history and short: when you run it, why do you blog, what they did to improve the popularity of that work, but that is not very.

Those who did not do anything, please do not worry: you have nothing to help. Links without a history deleted without review and analysis. Those who come to the analysis, see it in the same article by updating. Analyses are made before the end of Sunday, the links posted later left without consideration.


http://homeless-panda. ru /.
The problem in the text. They have no interest. They are very small, does not contain anything new, not a peculiar view on the matter under consideration.
1) Increase the amount of text a separate article.
2) Add a personal experience to study the issue and did not do three lines like ' it's a good exchange ' why good cases in which good and when not, which results in its quantitatively.
3) Add still life post. You do not have the scientific or research blog, so that readers will not prevent a person look at the numbers as it is. For example, we can take photographs of his native city. Or tell us about it, what a cool movie you watched in the movies. Living people are always attracted attention in the digital space.
4) Reduce the size of the photos in height. Photo must fit in half the minimum screen height - a maximum of. T. e. have a height of not more than 400pks. Tits, by the way, as a chosen. Learn how in this respect Lazy.
5) Clean the search will not help. So I advise to add, for example, the reader topsape. Or comments tops.

http://zlobodnevshina. ru.
There is a problem for young authors, who failed crucible editing - verbiage. This is the first thing that comes to mind when reading your texts.
1) Reduce the length of the sentences of 5-7 words. Do not overuse commas and other punctuation marks. You - not a copywriter, you - the blogger. To be read (not covered ) people have to write is convenient for them.
2) I see the attempt to build a good article, but something is missing. The intrigues of some. Each article is a blogger - a small affair. It must be a plot, and plot, and a bright finale. I advise you to see Sasha's articles Pavlutski, despite his youth, he was able to drama of their posts. After your articles do not really understand why you wrote about this. I guess something that was written to touch a hot topic, but the reader is not reported to.
3) If you are counting on growth in audience for this blog, must be nailed to the bloggers, you ruminate on the same wavelength. For example, to share guest articles, guards, interviews. Chat with Mukhacheva - he known verbiage and essayist, perhaps it will give you a link to your flow of fresh and regular readers. As for me, all the fans of such material - it is a close-knit sect with a high degree of loyalty to their favorite authors.

http://hatefools. blogspot. com /.
Mighty marginal Blog. Frankly, I do not see that there can be substantially improved. The project is a niche, so to speak, gothic world of blogging in the style of management and works with the audience. Therefore, should actively involve the same marginal and fans on them to mock.
I could give advice (for example, to tighten the Russian language and reduce the amount of the mat ), but why spoil the oil mess. The project is not for everyone, will not grow significantly. For example, in the same niche is. blog Heromanta. : Short sharp article is not for everyone. He has a lot of years for the blog, but neither attendance nor the readers does not grow. Because it is not for everyone, and it suits the author's.

http://katalog-avon. ru /.
For what in the bath? . Even Google only 26% of a poor website content relates to the main index. On the other hand, more than would be expected AGS, not a zero pages. So I have tried:.
1) Remove the Adsense.
2) Add the actual contact information may phone, address.
3) Add a good sturdy articles, and a brief description of the directory.
4) Add the form of ' to be representative of the '. Any complication of the site specific to your advantage.

http://sdelausam. info.
Very similar to the AGS. In Yandex there are only 19 pages. Yandex could lower the index will lie for a reference, although it is rather strange move for the PS. I have checked the article on kopipastnost. Second - I would have checked out where your site. like this. request, because the index article about electromagnetic gun is, but in searching for the phrase from the article is not found. There is a search filter. It remains to find out what and fix the problem.
In terms of blogging to the Board can not, because it's not a blog, a collection of articles on different topics. The user is constantly hanging out on this blog, there is no need, and thus on the bookmark count really does not have to. So look for happiness in dealing with the search. And yes, perhaps you have moved into the hands of vain.

http://vandrouka. by.
An excellent project, which is to take an example. This is the classic SOM - and interesting, and useful. Indicators of failure and time on the site you are normal (in my blog they are the same, for example). The main limiting - local issues and the development of a clear ceiling. So far, the harder it will attract new traffic.
I see the output in the construction of community. Will it grow through dialogue in the comments, social networks or forums - not so important. It is important that it appeared that people began to discuss not only your articles, but their problems. Then an incentive to visit more often on the project and, consequently, increase stowing attendance, which will eventually become the base. So far, nothing but the ' FAP - FAP ' for the next photos in the comments, I do not see. Create a system of communication that are suitable for the emergence of community and build it with all the methods known to you, do not forget about new articles.

http://www. shift-web. ru.
A good blog. There is a community, there is significant traffic. Of course, the theme is not mine, but the fact that there are articles about the life and even have a photo - I was hooked up to a depth of heart. What I do not see - it's communication with bison in your niche. Want to be a popular blogger, meet and change the information, and guards those who are already in the top. Since your blog is not ashamed to approach them. The second point - did not notice the sign papers. Every blogger eventually appear landmark article. They are doing it and topper. It is impossible to write every day, such an article, but do not write at all - is, therefore, remain forever in the second tier.

http://prosto-site. org.
This, of course, not a blog. This journal is. On the other hand, it is obvious that the topic is high enough in the flush of the audience. Suffice it to recall Shakin his project on Photoshop. Flash project no worse than. But you - it's just a bunch of articles that are not too weighed down by the social component and links.
1) To work on a reference. Projects to flush a lot and they need to get ahead. In addition, it would be nice to perform optimization of landing pages on the site.
2) Pizzhennye article is replaced by its. Ensure that the project unique materials. Or will ever play in the search for competitors. And in the eyes of users will look like a normal kopipaster.
3) It is unclear what for you personally need it. I do not see your desire for some goal.

http://seonotebook. ru.
There are no special recipes. Only regular, just trying to make contact with the tops that you have referred to the. Also comment on the tops, added to the topsapu. But above all, the regularity. I can not say that you have a masterpiece, but rather, an ordinary soldier seoblog, but it can make him a star with his audience, if you show a little effort. At least to start writing more often and in the case.

http://tiamatinc. ru /.
The answer is, what to do, is contained in the posts on the front page covering the period from the last quarter: only one article on the case of eight. Even making allowance for the New Year, it is not enough. T. e. Yes, increase the frequency and density of items to bring along the profile ( claimed on the blog ) to 50 %. Or change the audience profile and, accordingly,. Specifically turned over to the second page - the result of 2 of 8. And of course do not have enough iconic articles for further growth. Notable stateek enough, and articles not found. It's about time, after three years.

http://neverlex. com.
Completely indigestible design, but it is a matter of habit. I do not notice such things, and try to peer into the essence of.
1) The irregularity. Is there a simple rule: the more you write, the more return. Do you hard earn reflex: a packet of papers in 2-3 days, then none for three weeks. Write, even if infrequently, but regularly, with a given period. In WordPress there is a scheduler, for example.
2) Mini- Book - an interesting idea, but did not understand what they say thank you - for common recipes? . It does not matter if it works, but the details need. Try to create something more detailed. But again, the idea of ​​a mini- book, though not new, but interesting.
3) Do you have everything perfect. The high regularity of attendance for such a high activity in the comments. It should be easy to debug stuff and go to other heights. Or take your style of writing articles and come to terms with the situation that there is. It seems to me you have a good blog with my community and sin for something to complain about.

http://ivorobyev. ru.
Do not really understand what is wrong with your blog. It is possible to enter into a number of prominent bloggers in seonishe. Perhaps the reason is lack of work on PR. Is there an easy way to move the blog in terms of pumping their own behalf. First, deanonimizatsiya. Second, writing a big long articles and bleeding through the add big bloggers and forums. Third, flirting with the usual audience. I see that it is, but does not interfere with make her feel its power and influence on you: competitions, talk shows, and tons of a Poll. n. You can copy the idea from me, or take them from other bloggers. Other significant problems other than poor design can not see: do not interfere with graphic blocks.

http://tvoyspeh. ru.
A typical blog about everything and nothing at the same time. I can only advise to work closely with vordstatom, keykollektorom, Pastukhov databases and other sets of keywords in the search slabokonkurentnyh but the most popular themes to create articles. This will help to quickly gain popularity with the search and even create a community.

http://bakalov. info.
1) Rarely. It should be more.
2) Take the example of Lyustika. He does the same thing, but more often, more and better. Align with it, and the parameters of your blog, too, will grow.

http://www. urolog-site. ru.
This is not a blog, but since have come to see you try.
1) The chrome is not working Menu. Perhaps the bots are not visible links. Offhand for the whole site - the curve layout. I would have hired a professional coder to fix it. Maybe, just change the design and.
2) A proper and all. Contextual advertising is unfortunate, in my opinion. But this is a matter of taste and earnings. And a smaller link trade with, and then your sponsorship section of the sap much catches the eye. At GGL will bring your site more and safer.

http://www. webliberty. ru.
A good blog theme. I advise not to worry about traffic, try changing guards, to take an interview or to give it. In general, the methods to do the exchange between the audience of blogs. Each blog has a growth point where it almost stops. I have called them: 100-300-500-1000 by the number of visitors. The audience does not grow linearly, as is usually expects a blogger, and steps - from good links to other blogs on the good article, got in reviews, and other significant events. If your blog is really good, the newcomers are in it for a long time and forming the very new step. Just bigger blog, the greater the step obtained.

http://allmyzombies. com.
Can not imagine an audience of such projects. If this search, you can recommend to the collectors of wool more keywords in the search for successful phrases or monitor trends. If you still have a captive audience, it does not interfere with action, playing with the audience. You can play some prizes, hold a contest with the advertisements on the discussion forums. Offhand I do not see anything else, but the theme is not my. Articles seem to be funky, pictures are, the style is sustained, direct speech and work with the reader can see. T. e. pure blogging blogging punctures do not see. And as you well and actually write about zombies - as far as you are in the topic - I can not evaluate.

http://biznesguide. ru.
Infobusiness - not my topic. I did sell some information about your experience, but I think it is infinitely far away from the canons of Infobusiness. Therefore, I find it hard to understand the audience, who hang out on blogs, advertising cased regular courses, solving any problem. Probably should hang out more often and advertise your blog on forums, home to those who believe in manna Infobusiness. Probably, it is necessary to pay or to invite himself to the interview / reference / review from the Guru Infobusiness. One link from the Zhukovsky will give you more than the whole search for the year. Penetrates Infobusiness - community and bite off a piece of it. This will be the most likely way for the development of your project.

http://webmastering. uz.
copy the Cactus. Its assembly, its community. And here's a fast -growing audience hears your stories. In that format, as it is now, it's a blog for search, not for people. A search for an audience with the finite and spontaneously. Blog tasty, interesting and useful, but personally I do not fuck here now fallen, as 99% of you reading this review.

http://smartymind. ru.
Criticism is very simple: the site and dryish bednovat. The project, which not only wants to drag people out of the search for specific articles should have the elements of a social project, which is not only the buttons and comments. Ask yourself what you need to do to stay here as a reader? . There is no possibility of communication, or some general things on that catch the eye. Look at the blogs infobiznemenov: they planted some links to manuals and courses. Look at the top- seo - blogs: the picture is the same. A person needs an anchor to stay.

http://unixzen. ru /.
As a notebook - it can and has turned out, but as a blog - is a complete disrespect for the readers. I'm such a blog just delete from the list. At least for the sheets and awkward design, which even when scrolling is impossible to separate the individual articles. Great article - under the cut. Designed to make a more complete. If you blog about Unix, does not mean that it should look like a wall in the morgue.

http://cinema-kritik. ru.
Not, again, it is inconvenient. This project will only grow with the search and then slightly. Take the example of. kino-govno. com.

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