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10 rules of effective creativity...

Austin Cleon -. is an artist and poet, author of the collection Newspaper Blackout Poems.

In March 2011, in his blog, he formulated the rules of effective work, which he instantly glorified. T.

a. Steal as an artist.

nothingisoriginalsteallikeanartistEvery artist has to answer the question of where he takes his ideas. An honest artist will answer: ... That's all you can say about it. It understands each artist. There are three words that give me hope every time I read them.

There is nothing original. This was stated in the Bible: ... In any new project, blended elements of old ideas, or simply change one of them.


iiartistIn art schools always show a trick. Draw on paper two parallel lines:.

How many lines in the figure? . See?.


There is another good example of what I mean - in genetics. You inherit the genes of his father and mother, but it is not just a set of parental characteristics. You are - much more, the new version, and parents and all their many ancestors.

You can not choose their parents, but you can choose the teachers, friends, music, books and movies.

jay-zThis is evidenced by. Jay-Z. In his book «Decoded»:.

... a. extent this was a gift to us. We had to choose their own ancestors, who would have filled the world that we were going to build for themselves. Typically, our fathers left, because they were rejected, but we took their old records and used them to create. something. new ...

In fact, you - this is what you let into your life. You - the amount that the effect on you. As Goethe said, ...

collectorThe artist - is a collector. Not skinflint, who collects all indiscriminately, namely the collector - who deliberately collects only those things that really loves.

There is an economic theory - if we add the income of their five closest friends, and find the arithmetic mean, the result is very close to their own income.

I think the same applies to. ideological income. We are just as cool as cool our surroundings.

My mother loved to repeat to me, ... It was driving me crazy. But now I understand what she meant. Your task - to collect ideas. The best way to do this - to read. Read, read, read, read, read. Newspapers, weather, traffic signs, faces of strangers. The more you read, the wider the choice that will affect you.


Select a writer that you really like. Find all his works. Find out what he was reading. And read all of this. Climb up on your family tree Writers.

Steal ideas and save them for future. Carry a notebook everywhere. Write a book. Pluck pages from magazines and create collages out of them in my scrapbook. Steal, as an artist.

2. To begin to operate, no need to wait.

dontwaitLast year there were a video on the internet with Rainn Wilson, who played Dwight in the television series ... Speaking about the work, he said, is what allows so many people to delay their projects: ...

If I had waited understand ... something. do. From my own experience I know - it is in the process, we understand who we are.

makethingsAre you ready. start doing. You may be scared. This is natural. There is one feature that is characteristic above all, educated people. It's called the ... According to the medical description, is ... It feels like a fraud, who does everything at random, but actually does not even understand what the.

And you know what? . When I started to cross out words in newspaper columns, I had no idea what I was doing. I knew only that it's great. It did not seem to work and play. Ask any good artist, and he will tell the truth - he does not know where are the masterpieces. He's just doing his job. Every day.

fakeittillPretend until you start getting. I love this phrase. It can be understood in two ways: pretend until you reach success, until all you see is not the way you want. Or - pretend did not really learn until. something. do. I really like this idea.

I also like the book Patti Smith Just Kids. This is the story of how two friends came to New York to learn to be artists. You know how they do it? . My favorite, the key, the plot of the book - Patti Smith and her friend Robert Mepltorp, dressed as a tramp, went to Washington Square, where a lot of people. One old lady was staring at them and said to her husband: ... I think they are artists ... ...

The whole world - is the scene. For you also need a creative scene, costume and script. The scene - it's your workspace. This may be a studio desk or album for sketches. Costume - it's your work clothes - special pants, which you draw, slippers, in which you write, or that funny hat, what inspires you. And the script - this time. An hour here, hour there. The script of the play - this is just the time allotted for different episodes.

Pretend until you start getting.

3. Write a book, they themselves would like to read.

writethebookI'll tell you a short story. ... I raved about this film - like any 10- year-old child. At the moment I left the theater a provincial town, I waited.

The next day I sat at my old computer with a green screen and he wrote a continuation of. In it the son of a forester, eaten in the first film velociraptor, returns to the island along with the granddaughter of the creator of the park. He wants to destroy the park completely, it is - keep it. With their various adventures occur, and as a result, they, of course, fall in love.

I did not know that he wrote what is now called the fan -fiction - fictional stories with existing characters. Then I saved her story on the computer. A few years later came ... And his story was fabricated. Sequel to the film can never be compared with the continuation of which we have already created in your head.


Novice writer always wondered what he should write. Typically, he said: ... The result is often obtained horror stories in which there is nothing interesting. So the best advice - do not write what you know and write about what you want. Write a story that you like yourself. We are engaged in creative work, as we do for the soul. All fiction - is, in fact, fan -fiction. The best way to decide what to do - is to think about what you would like to achieve, but have not yet done so, and then do it. Create a picture to which you yourself would like to watch, music you would like to listen to, write books, who would like to read.

4. use your hands.

usehandsMy favorite cartoonist Lynda Barry once said: ... When I was writing at college, I had, like everybody to take their writing, recruited through a double-spaced in Times New Roman. And I all went horribly. I had only just started to write by hand, as the work went more fun, and its quality has improved.

The longer I hold on to your computer, the better are my ideas. Microsoft Word - this is my enemy. All the time I use it at work, so the rest of the time trying not to mess with him.

I think that the more writing is a physical process, the better the product obtained. You can feel the ink on paper. Sheets can be expanded around the table, and through them. You can put text anywhere on it will be convenient to look.

People often ask me why I'm not going to create an application Newspaper Blackout for iPhone or iPad. I answer that, there is a certain magic to hold in your hand sheet. In the creative process involved many of the senses - even odors can present a very special experience.

The art that comes only from the head, nothing good can not be. Look at all the talented musician, and you'll understand what I mean. When I compose poems, I do not feel that this work. This is how the game. My advice: find a way to engage your body in the work. Draw on the walls. Wait while the. Spoon the things on the table. use your hands.

5. Side projects and hobbies - the important thing.

sideprojectsMain thing I realized in the short time that I was an artist: it is a third-party projects ... Under them, I mean those things that seemed insignificant at first. just a game. However, just these things are really worth - it is there is magic. My ... If I was only writing short stories, if not given a freedom to experiment, I would never have become what I am.


It is equally important to have a hobby. something. for itself. My hobby - the music. My work is addressed to all, and the music - just me and friends. We are going every Sunday and ballyhooed for an hour or two. And that's fine. So, the advice is as follows: select a time for idleness. Find a hobby. This will benefit, and you never know where your passion leads you.

6. The secret: do. something. good and the place where people will see it.

dogoodworkI receive many letters from young artists who are asked how they find their audience. ... one. discovered ... After college, I too was at a loss. Classroom - is an excellent, albeit artificially created space for creativity - the professor pay for what he does yours ideas, and your fellow students are paying for them to be interested in.

Never in my life you will no longer be such attentive audiences. But soon you learn that the world at large does not care about your ideas. It sounds harsh, but it is so. As Steven Pressfield says, ... If there were. some. secret formula zavoevyvaniya audience, I would have told you it. But I only know one is not so much the original formula: ...

This process takes place in two stages:.

Step 1: ... And there is no quick recipe for success. Engage your idea every day. Fail, do better.

Step 2: ... Now everything is very simple - ...

You have to wonder things that no one else is surprised. if. one. is amazing apples, oranges surprised. One of the things I've learned as an artist - than the more openly you share your feelings, the more people like your art. The artists - not magicians. For the disclosure of its secrets will not follow any punishment.


Believe it or not, but I was very inspired by people like Bob Ross and Martha Stewart. Bob teaches people how to draw, and Martha tells us how to transform your home and life. They both share their secrets.

People like it when you reveal the secrets, and sometimes, if you are good at it, they buy what you sell.

When you open up and engage people in the creative process, you yourself learn. I really learned a lot from the guys who sent their works to the site Newspaper Blackout. I borrow a lot from them. We are mutually enrich each other.

So my advice is discover the online program. Learn how to make a website, how to work on blogs, ... Search the internet people who love the same things as you, and communicate with them. Share your ideas with them.

7. Geography is no longer controls us.

housegeographyI am happy to be alive right now.

I grew up in the middle of corn fields in southern Ohio. When I was a kid, the only thing that I wanted to - is to get the company to the artists. Breaking away from the southern Ohio, and find yourself where. something. is.

Now I live in Austin, Texas. Overall, great place. Overall mass of artists and other creative people.

And you know what? . They live on the Internet. Most of my projects, and creative conversations taking place online dating. Instead of real communication in the art studio, I made ​​friends on Twitter and Google Reader.

All life is random.

8. Try to be a good person (because it 's a small world ).

heretomakefriendsbeniceI'll tell you about it briefly. This is the only reason why I'm here - to find new friends.

Kurt Vonnegut said this much better: ... Golden Rule has become even more valuable in our world such a close. An important lesson: if you're talking about. someone. the Internet, he finds. All are gaining their name in Google, search. The best way to defeat the enemies on the Internet - ignore them. The best way to make friends - say they are well.

9. Be boring (it's the only way. something. do).

beboringAs Flaubert said: ... I'm a boring guy who works from 9 to 17, and living in a quiet area with his wife and dog.

All this romantic image of the bohemian artist who uses drugs, sticks around and sleeps with everyone - all invented. It is designed to Superman, or for someone who wants to die young. The truth is that art requires a lot of energy. And the energy will not, if you spend it on irrelevant things.

Here are some tips that have benefited me personally:.

- Take care of yourself;.

- Eat breakfast, take a couple of pull-ups, normal sleep. Remember what I said before that good art comes out of the body?.

- Do not get into debt;.

- Live simply. Save money on every penny. Freedom means the freedom of financial stress in the art;.

- Find a day job and hold on to it. This work brings money, communication with the world of routine and routine. Parkinson's Law states that work makes a better time management. I work from 9 to 17 and doing creative work exactly the same as doing, working on a half-day.

- Head of the calendar and diary. You need a list of upcoming and past events. Art requires a gradual work. Very easy to write a pilgrim on the day. Do it 365 days a year, and you have a great story. Calendar will help you plan your work. here. calendar. That I used when I wrote the book.


Calendar displays specific goals helps you stay afloat and be happy to cross out completed tasks. You make a calendar for any purpose. Break the task into small intervals. Turn it into a game.

heavyreadingFor past events, I propose to keep a diary. This is not a regular magazine, but just a small book that you want to bring everything you do every day. You will be amazed at how useful this might be writing down every day, especially after a few years.

Create a strong family. This is the most important thing you have to do. A good husband will not only be your partner, but a colleague, friend, one who is always there.

10. Creativity - is the rejection of unwanted.

creativityisOften, the artist throws is what eventually makes his art interesting. In this age of information abundance achieve success are those who understand what must be discarded in order to focus on what really matters to them. dedication. something. constitute a waiver of other things. This is true of art.

Creativity - is not only the things that we decide to include, but are those that we exclude. or cross out. Here, perhaps, and all I can say.

Elena Demidova.

From the site adme. ru.

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