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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Shot down a UFO over the Kalahari - Top Secret!

Almost 21 years has passed since the UFO crash in South Africa - events on the importance of superior similar incident in Roswell, because here in Africa, alien pilots had been found alive.

For newcomers all the time their ' captivity ' was conducted surveillance. The total amount of footage exceeds 700 hours. According to information received from one of NASA engineers, there is a documentary film about a hour and a half they. His 25- minute piece was featured in the New York staff of organizations involved in aeronautics and space flight, and the audience had been warned not to disclose information obtained.

About the incident in South Africa we have much more information than the Roswell case. The regime of secrecy was observed here, but one of the South African Air Force officers, realizing the value of information and aware that hiding it is unacceptable and is an act of treason against all mankind, revealed the secret of the catastrophe. As a result, in the same 1989 newspaper wrote about it all over the world.

The chronology of events is as follows. May 7, 1989 in 13 hours 45 minutes Greenwich Naval Frigate. United States, who was in the Atlantic, radioed headquarters of the Navy in Cape Town reported an unidentified flying object traveling in the direction of the African continent. In 13 hours, 52 minutes the object entered the airspace of the Republic of South Africa. From Air Force Base ' Valhalla ' urgent rose into the air two fighters ' Mirage ', and 13 hours and 59 minutes the lead pilot of one of them said that he sees the object. Command orders to open fire on him.

Shooting to take effect. The pilot reported several blinding flashes of the object, after which he was greatly shaken by continuing to move in a northerly direction. At 14 hours 02 minutes the object began to lose altitude, and then making a turn at high speed, hit the surface of the Kalahari desert, 80 kilometers from the border with Botswana.

' Soft ' landing.

In place of the emergency landing of a UFO came to an operational group of intelligence officers and found a crater with a diameter of 150 meters and a depth of 12 meters. The silver- colored steel disk-shaped object lying on the floor, went into the ground at an angle of 45 degrees. Sand and rock around it were fused together by intense heat.
The first one flew rescue helicopters, while the object at an altitude of 152 meters, suddenly froze and then crashed down. Five crew members were killed. Problems occurred with the engines and cars trying to get closer to the crater. It soon became clear that the blame for everything emanating from the object of an intense electromagnetic field. Only after the surface of the disk caused kraskopodobny compound ( polymer resin), neutralized with a magnetic field, managed to bring the equipment and remove the disc from the soil.

Despite the heavy blow, the object turned out to be virtually the whole. On the same day he traveled to the secret base of South African Air Force, and the crash site camouflaged with sand and boulders.

On the basis of indoors was made a preliminary examination. The diameter of the object was 18.2 meters, height - 8,64 m, weight - 50 tons. Landing gear was made.

During the inspection in the depth of the disc was a loud knock on one side of the hatch opened. From it there were two humanoid beings in tight-fitting gray suits.

living emitters.

The room is constantly filming was carried out, and this is shown in the film, was the most exciting. The newcomer, who first got out of the hatch, staring at the man in protivogaznoy mask, and he slowly began to fall on the floor. At the same time or in the hands of aliens, or their clothes were no items. It was also suggested ( which was never again found a proof ) that the aliens are probably able to exert its effects on people's bio-field, causing a feeling of fear and paralysis.

It was not until a few hours on the basis of suits brought able to withstand the powerful radiation, people are able to approach strangers without harm to health.

Pilot a UFO was taken to Medical Center. Visual inspection showed that this creature of small stature ( 1,22-1,37 m) tall and looks similar to the creatures of the Roswell: greenish- gray skin, large, more human, head, face anteriorly; it big, without pupils, . The neck is thin. His hands - thin and long, reaching the knees. Brushes - with three fingers and sinewy membranes.

Newcomers to behave non-invasively, their movements and gait, which had ' inhuman ' specificity, seemed sluggish. They knew when they offered signs to go or stay. At the medical center they are allowed to pull off the tight clothes. Only once, when one of them stuck a syringe in order to take blood, he has shown aggression, gave a loud squeak and alienated man.

After visiting aliens have been returned to their ' suits '.

There, in the medical center revealed that one of the aliens seriously injured. Soon, both newcomers, along with their vehicle was taken to a secret base in the U.S. Wright Patterson. At the information provided by the South African officer, exhausted. About the future of the aliens, we can judge from a short text that accompanies the film.

The fate of the second pilot.

Immediately upon arrival in the U.S. pilot of the wounded died. The film shows a small, about 3 minutes, the procedure of opening a fragment of his body. The skin was thick and the stranger had a porous structure similar to honeycomb filter. When notches out of it came out greenish mucus. The internal organs had nothing in common with human organs. Not detected in either liver or kidney, or stomach, but the body was a lot of mucus and arteries. The accompanying text says that the test substance in nature, seems to be closer to the plant world, than to the animal. This is indirectly confirmed by the observations of the surviving pilot. He did not take any food, moved slowly, his gait became more and more difficult. A month later, to him it was possible to close without a spacesuit - apparently depleted inner resources did not allow him to have an impact on people. Although he may have simply not see the need.

With him were trying to get in touch. Showed the spacecraft earthlings, Images of UFOs, but he nowhere showed no interest. Psychologists have worked with him, trying to somehow ' stir '. Everything was so worthless.

On the Structure of an extraterrestrial spacecraft in the film, nothing was reported, there were only told that his equipment is completely put out of action. When the stranger allowed to enter into it, he immediately went to the installation, responsible, as suggested, for coverage. His attempts to run it or to have failed.

At the same time was raised speculation that the light is the foundation of his power. This is indirectly confirmed by a large number of substances in his body, similar to chlorophyll. Perhaps the alien body converts light energy through photosynthesis. Earth sun was obviously no good. It has not produced the light that was required for his life. Much better than the stranger felt in the light of fluorescent lamps. After a long stay under them he had several animated. Yet it was clear that this light - not one that he needs. The desired light before the accident was on the ship, allowing pilots to carry out long-distance space flights, but now the light installation is operated, and it was a serious problem, and for the stranger, and for the people.

Sleeping stranger with his eyes open. He preferred to do it in the light, pulling her knees to the head. After hours of lying, he set off to roam the premises open for him. At the movies with the landscapes of the Earth and other planets did not respond, but turned around at the people, if they went out to meet him. However, for them never showed real interest. Based on the closing credits, this stranger died in September 1989.

Shown a film made ​​on shocking the audience. It was impossible to believe that it is a fake. After all, if it is a fake, then why show it took a scientific audience, requiring the non-disclosure?.

Now we have to wait for the movie in a mass demonstration. In modern times it is difficult to hide such secrets ' leaked ' to happen sooner or later. And then the U.S. military probably will be asked questions about these aliens, and about many other things still concealed their secret bases, and relevant to the most burning secret today - unidentified flying objects.

Author: Both. Voloznev.
Source: ' An interesting paper. Incredible '№ July 2010 Mr..

Was it shot down a UFO over the Kalahari?.

Out the story can hardly be attributed to razryadudostovernyh, but it nevertheless took place daily matters. And it is true or not is up to you.

In July 1989, many Western newspapers published sensational news: the fighters shot down a UFO over South Africa, South Africa. The first information about the incident was the British UFO organization YUFOS arrived from South Africa by Dr. Azadehdela. Later in YUFOS turned a James Van Greune and the South African Air Force presented a paper with the stamp ... The paper reported that on 7 May 1989. Radar frigate 'Sa Tafelberg', owned by South African Navy, and some other radar detected an unknown object was, approaching the African continent at a rate of about 9000 km / h. To intercept it flew two fighters ' Mirage ' under the command of the squadron commander Goozena.

Out the story can hardly be attributed to razryadudostovernyh, but it nevertheless took place daily matters. And it is true or not is up to you.

In July 1989, many Western newspapers published sensational news: the fighters shot down a UFO over South Africa, South Africa. The first information about the incident was the British UFO organization YUFOS arrived from South Africa by Dr. Azadehdela. Later in YUFOS turned a James Van Greune and the South African Air Force presented a paper with the stamp ... The paper reported that on 7 May 1989. Radar frigate 'Sa Tafelberg', owned by South African Navy, and some other radar detected an unknown object was, approaching the African continent at a rate of about 9000 km / h. To intercept it flew two fighters ' Mirage ' under the command of the squadron commander Goozena. Suddenly, the object has changed the direction of flight method, impossible for an aircraft. Since the object can not be identified, the fighters were ordered to open fire on him from the experimental laser cannon ' Tor - 2'. On the surface of the object in several outbreaks occurred as the direct contact. Unknown object began to lose altitude angle of 25 'and at high speed crashed into the Kalahari Desert in 80 km north of the border of South Africa with Botswana. Arrived on the scene, a group of Air Force officers and experts found silver disc-shaped object that crashed at an angle to the ground and formed the crater with a diameter of 150 m and a depth of 12 m. Sand and stones around the object fused under heat. Strong magnetic and radioactive radiation in the area of ​​the fall brought down the apparatus of the study group. The facility has been delivered to one of South Africa's air bases for the study, and the funnel was covered with sand and rocks to hide the traces of the accident.

The paper further reported the results of a preliminary investigation. The diameter of the object - about 18 m. Height - 8.5 meters. Weight about 50 tons. On the unit did not find any seams around the perimeter are 12 oval windows. Landing gear was put forward only a telescopic support. At the top of the object was a sign in the form of an upward boom, under the dome. Determine the composition of the material from which the object is made, the source of traction for its movement and the place where he came from - did not. Experts have suggested an extraterrestrial origin. And then came a strange sound at the bottom of a mysterious machine opened a little door, the crack was extended from the experts and hatch out two aggressive humanoid creatures in tight gray dress. The growth of creatures - from 120 to 150 cm, color - grayish -blue, the hair on the body of missing. The heads are disproportionately large. Eyes large, slanting, without pupils, thin arms reaching for the length of the knee, had three toes with membranes and nails kogteobraznymi. The legs are thin short, too, with three fingers. One of the two strangers who came out of the object, apparently, was seriously wounded.
Later, in many periodicals appear materials regarding this case, with stunning detail. For example, in the journal 'Nar' was published, it's a UFO was taken by the Americans with aliens inside the vehicle, other than humanoid, there were two members of the U.S. Air Force. In another magazine wrote that the machine is manufactured by General Electric. In the third - that the U.S. got the object from South Africa in exchange for two intercontinental ballistic missiles! .
In addition, many British scientists akzhe jeopardize the reliability of the above information. As the arguments they put forward their position:.
a. The document draws on grammatical errors, and it confused the metric system of weights and measures taken to England.

2. The world has not yet been fighters with laser guns, able to shoot down airplanes, even, not to mention the UFO.

3. All the South African Navy frigates two or three years ago have been retired and is now used as targets for shooting from submarines.

4. It is doubtful whether these beings sent from South Africa to the U.S. base at Wright Patterson, first, because the U.S. imposed sanctions against South Africa and the unlikely collaboration between them in all areas and, secondly, because according to the American ufologists UFOs all the research on this .

6. Field of the Kalahari, where the crashed UFO - it is not an open sandy desert, and the so-called tornweld, in which the scattered farms. If so, why not witness or witnesses to this incident there?.

7. It is also unclear how managed to bring such a heavy object from the territory of Botswana. Since the planes to land there can not, it had to be transported, apparently on the ground. But why no traces of transportation, which in the desert can be stored up to 30 years?.

8. How to combine the object and the aliens were unharmed after the strongest impact on the ground and at the same time, could not escape from the beam of laser guns?.

9. If the U.S. intelligence services, and South Africa were keen to keep this incident in great secrecy, why are they allowed to freely spread information about it around the world.

The only refutation of the above considerations it is now information about the existence of an experimental laser setup, weighing several tons aboard a U.S. cargo plane.
Uncertainties in this story is full of. Thus, for example, critics say chto'Mirazh ' could not catch up with the UFO was moving at a speed of 9000 km / h. Seismologists South Africa and Zimbabwe -, oscillations of the earth in this region of 7 May 1989. were noted, although they were inevitably arise when the object hit the ground with the formation of such a large crater.

In 1990,. in the journal 'Quest International' stated that a careful study of this document YUFOS organization came to the conclusion that Van Greune - a cunning liar who collected scraps of information, you hear them in different places, they falsified and used it all to extract large profits in the . The above was confirmed later by the fact that Van Greune returned to South Africa, and supposedly there he was executed for the dissemination of classified information. But it turned out that in South Africa, the death penalty does not apply to military.

Based on the foregoing suggests one of four conclusions:.

a. May 7, 1989 Mr.. actually crashed UFO over South Africa, and South African Air Force document in which it describes is real, and all attempts to refute these data, taken by the authorities of South Africa and the United States in order to hide the incident.

2. this story is fictional.

3. UFO crash over South Africa really happened, but the paper presented by Van Groynenom is fake, containing details of their invented.

4. the collapse actually took place, but after a leak of information about him and South Africa, the U.S. intelligence services deliberately produced this document and ' planted ' it to the media in order to then expose this fake and this convince the public that there was no crash, allegedly, there was no.