Monday, June 4, 2012

Your questions, my answers - August 2011

In fact, a lot of news, but some half-hearted, and therefore nothing to write about them. There is a stage predtestirovaniya Exchange of traffic from established links are on the second stage predtestirovaniya exchange for the free exchange of guards and reviews. She went to work for Shell paid consulting. There are several peaks of situations that can never be completed, although some are drawn from the beginning of May. There are many interesting things about our valiant banks, which simply render the brain, like wanting to borrow to invest (which is what do I need to have a mortgage at 4 Leman to borrow 2? If I had a 4 - I would not ask for credit). But all this is unfinished, so that these issues can wait until their full development.

I now look forward to your questions about sore topic in the comments. The answers, as always, in the next post. The flight of your imagination is not restricted.

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