Friday, March 30, 2012

How to quickly gain followers?

Hi all, due to bad weather, I'll write an article the day. A paper will be about how to quickly gain followers on Twitter.
And so you have to download it so you can. here.
After installation, you will need to connect your Twitter account in the program.
>>>To do this, click on ' Settings ' ' Account Settings ', then click ' Add Account ' and enter your data.
Now I will tell you briefly about the modes in this program.

Massfolloving mode:.
The meaning of this mode is that the people would Follow for a specific request that you add. For example:. Sports, Music, Blogging, SEO, etc..

Folloving on the list:.

There are two options: the first one - the program Fallaway the entire list of followers of a single account.

The second option: the Internet you can find dependable base of accounts, T. e. those that are 100% Follow you back. List of data accounts entered into the program and it is held folloving.


This mode removes you from among the followers of those accounts that are not Follow You in return.

This program offers free use within 7 days. After this you should buy a license to use the program:. price per license. for 1 year - $ 30 (1,100 rubles) and 2 years - $ 50 (1,500 rubles).

Thursday, March 29, 2012

What is a TIC

Actually no secret that the thematic index of citing of talks about the credibility of the resource in their area. But if the OS - parameter is directly tied to a specific page, and in fact - to the specific material or a cover page. That TCI - a parameter that is applied directly on the entire site, which increases its responsibility for the contents of the site as a whole.

How does a TIC? . No one has ever heard of a site without a single reference was this option. So it means a site different from each other in terms of TCI only by the number of links and their quality? . But not only. After all, we 're talking about the thematic index. T. e. There is a third option, which we call thematically, or you can - relevant links.

T. e. relatively speaking, is calculated as TCI.

number of links * coeff. And the quality of links * B * B tematichnost links.

Of course, in fact, the formula is different and no one has, except for a limited number of developers and some insiders do not know, but for our discussion, and this formula more than enough.

Based on the type of formula, we understand that what is balanced the distribution of our reference, the better. T. e. trivial amount of pumping will be less stable than a few links that will give a significant contribution to the quality and tematichnost. In fact - to stand on three legs is more convenient than the one - the principle of stool.

Notice, we have one principle in the way given TCI - call it ' themes '. Anyway, all the links to the sites can be divided into species. And some - and even at the subspecies. T. e. all links belong to a group, and therefore can be filtered by those who are able to identify this group attachment, t. e. by Yandex.

T. e. our formula provides a quick view of this remark to mean:.

The sum of ( (the number of links * coeff. And the quality of links * B * B tematichnost links ) * Group [i]).

Where the Group [i] - factor responsible for the effect of a group of links. It fits nicely in the fact that the deceased subject is still working, but their influence is very far from the original.

On the other hand, if this hypothesis is correct, then in addition to general recommendations about the balance between quality - of - thematically, we obtain direct advice referential spread out between different groups of links.

Some might say that sapossylki show different tematichnost and in theory can get into different groups. This is not so. Almost all sapossylki can be classified as single saydbarnyh links - sapossylki made ​​in the context by code. In fact it is just a stand alone links to external resources. T. e. 5-10 pages of analysis is sufficient to identify the corrupt links. Why they are not filtered? . Those who have long been engaged in promotion sapossylkami you may porasskazat much as it was necessary to reference a couple of years ago to promote your site and how much is needed now.

T. e. Yandex does not necessarily break sap or other base exchanges, and to resort to psevdoanalizu site with additional parameters for the page. Banal analysis of the site is sufficient to isolate the corrupt links. Why not ignore all Yandex sales links in one fell swoop? .

So, this little interlude about selling links that led us to an interesting conclusion that the different groups at different times have different weights. Thus, the sites have unbalanced referential change as its position in the sickle, and TCI randomly. The reference, which spread out into different groups, has a high resistance to vibrations of the coefficients and as a result of TCI as a whole retains its value for such sites.

However, at least we know, and that the two sites, promoted by the same method, but with a gap in time give us different results for the TCI and sickle. The difference in the trust reference. The fact that inbound link to your site collects Trust - has long been known. Even sapossylku can present as a fine wine. It does not disappoint Yandex about her corruption, but on the other hand does not interfere with the link to save the trust. What is even more said that Yandex is not a judge - he analyzer that gives equal chances to all techniques and even black, just in time negate the value of the coefficients of different techniques to acceptable for Yandex.

T. e. The quality of the term - is not constant and tends to change over time in both directions. Links often go deep into the site and may even drop out of the index, along with the pages where they are located. The site can die. The site can begin to change the subject. Reference may be better not only because of the time, but also by increasing the reference to the page where it is located. Everything flows, everything changes. And thus, by changing the term quality of the site may lose the TCI for a few months if a referential cease to grow. The most interesting is that the fall is the saturation. T. e. decline slowed down and is fixed to a certain size, are often different from zero, and falls to zero only at the death of a certain topic or a minimum number of links that have died over time.

The conclusions from all this reasoning does not amaze you with novelty. At least, I certainly. Any topic of capacity TCI can not be long due to the fact that TCI living, growing organism, and the theme only affects one group of links, which sooner or later will be highlighted, and its rate is determined and fixed. For example, TCI naraschivaenie directory still works, but the coefficient is so small that to get more tITs20 almost impossible.

The second conclusion - the topic will not die. They are isolated and fixed. They still contribute, but to force the minimized.

The third conclusion - the naturalness of the reference is not a panacea. Natural referenced in the same way can be attributed to a particular group of links and zafiltrovano with them. For example, links from blogs - good technique a year ago. But the growing popularity of blogs, and then the various services on the placement of guards and reviews allowed, apparently, to allocate the data links in a separate group and is now a substantial contribution to the TIC, they will not give. T. e. tITs10 -20 continues to get easy, but further growth is difficult. A link exchange blogs zafiltrovali even before I became actively engaged in blogging - a contribution to eat, but feel it at a young blog is very difficult to.

Fourth conclusion: Salvation in Diversity. How to order thousands of runs, the best balance between drafts, muzzles, sapossylkami and reviews. The effect of even a small amount of visible options in the first ap.

Fifth conclusion: webmaster often ignore the relevance of references. I did not put in vain our reasoning setting thematically. The more relevant a link to the environment, where the link is, the above result. T. e. better than a good review than a dozen references. Better links thematically than garbage.

All this, of course, the general arguments. We did not consider here such a time as a blur of weight donor. For example, the only link ( in the plan, there is simply no other references ) from the authoritative resource can provide a non-zero CY. But it just fits into the ' themes ', and is easily detached in a separate group with a high weight - why not?.

So the best - not zamarachivatsya on the search for a fleeting theme, and look for opportunities to build a comprehensive reference throughout the life of the site. This is me in the fact that the building is now a fashionable articles, sooner or later would have the effect of isolating the group. For example, one of the signs will decrease in TCI at sites that received surveys in a natural way, because for them it was a one-time, one might say, individual stocks, but now sites move hundreds of articles at once. T. e. by lowering the quality factor of the group will review the natural to give a smaller contribution.

There are doubts? .

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Power of words - 3: cautious, hot wrangler

The dispute - something unpleasant. Another thing - brainstorming. But the dispute did not born, except mutual irritation. But life is arranged so that people are arguing. With or without. Often and often. With emotions or cold. That's about the past and today we 'll talk.

Hot debater - being emotional. And the emotional person is different, that certainly believes in what he says. Moreover, if the dispute at the beginning of this belief has pokolebima, then at the peak of even the strongest arguments he will never be persuaded. The result of a dispute with a man is always one - everyone is at its. Occasionally, if the two disagree emotional companion, the second one suppresses the emotions and the dispute ends in victory for a brighter debater.

What to do with the debater?.

We must give him fizzle out. Any dispute such a person is undulating in nature and has a very sharp peak, followed by a decline in binding. The decline is characterized by a lack of confidence in his point of view and light pricks of conscience ' Nájera good people insulted '. At this point, you can strike and make the debater to take their point of view.

So according to this logic, the algorithm is as follows:.
1) We support the dispute, advancing their arguments. It is important that they have enough to cross the peak. In order not to spend too much, put forward arguments only when the presentation of arguments on the other side goes down.
2) When the first signs of fatigue, it is necessary to take a break. For example, coffee or smoke. At this time, your brain is completely cooled, while the opposite side of the recession will go faster, because he had nothing to warm themselves - there is no dispute.
3) Pause. Wrangler himself must come to the conclusion that he is wrong (or maybe not right or wrong that offended, insulted ). To a man made it faster, we should indeed be offended.
4) After the proposal for a truce to propose its decision. In most cases (if it is acceptable to both the decision - to accept the absurd no one in any state ), it will be accepted.

example. two Friends. One bought a car ( Lada Kalina ), which according to the second - just a closet with nuts or a bucket of bolts, so he tries to convince the customer happy. The first sure of their choice, but the second argument does not hear.
- Bob, you do not understand, it's a coffin on wheels. Why do not you bought a KIA, two thousand extra surcharge. bucks?.
- Sing, I did not have two thousand. And the fundamental difference between these cars to travel to the country do not see.
- Bob, you're a complete ass, what do you need friends, I would take 2 pieces.
- Peter, I did not want anybody to take. I just wanted an inexpensive car, you do not mind burying.
- Bob, you moron, it's not you, it would kill you this car.

then the situation is heating up, and Pete breaks down at the creek. Bob calls for a voice of reason, but no one hears. Peter begins to nervously pace the room. Bob is inflated and sitting in silence.
- Peter, let's have a smoke.
- Okay, let's go on the porch.
stand, smoke. Bob bravely portrays the hurt. Pete is tormented, but he is confident in the correctness of their point of view. But you have to put up.
- Vasya, well, you do realize that I'm right.
- Yes, Pete, you're right.
- But Differently Daewoo KIA or there would have been better.
- Yes, it would be better.
- Well, what are you?.
- You know, I've bought it to practice. Poezzhu to the country. And I do not like to take - sorry, it is fundamentally.
- Well, if you work out, then the mode will. But when you decide to buy a normal car, you call me.
- Ok.

Aw, Snap Here. agreed.

Yet this technique is well applied to the whimsical children.

- Dad, buy candy.
- No Money.
- Buy Now.
- No, we go.
- Buy a piece of candy!.
- No, we're going to buy your apples.
- I do not want apples, buy a piece of candy!.
- No, not buy, money is only for apples.
- I want candy! .

on hysteria, sulky little face, hands folded on his chest. Move the child from the place it is almost impossible, immediately starts screaming. We begin parading about their business, ignoring the child's. The child calms down a little. Then a red herring (we did not invite the child to smoke! ).
- Mitya, do not hold the bag while I will wear a jacket.
- Come on now buy apples, and candy will decide about tomorrow. We are now planning to buy only apples and more money I do not have. Good?.
- Good.

applause. curtain. The play is over.

Let's talk about outdoor recreation

Yesterday I bought palatochkah. Four-seater, with a vestibule. Good, easy. I remember how we used to go camping with canvas - heavy, like bricks, and, God forbid, caught in the rain. However, before the campaign, and was more similar to that: landed somewhere in the train and five to seven miles in full gear peshochkom.

Now everything is much simpler: go to the store, filled the trunk of any fare and go to places close to water and fresh air. The area is small and we have really a god forsaken place is hard to find, and honestly, and do not want much: there are a number of places where there was a well-defined practice of relaxation. Somewhere comfortable to swim, somewhere - to fish somewhere - Sunbathing. Everyone has their own cockroaches.

The main thing is that if you're going to sleepover, then the next morning you know how well that usually you live in an apartment with private facilities, and to store a stone's throw. Wrinkled face, the omnipresent smell of smoke, the morning is not something that cool, and the real cold. Even the rain at the wrong time. No wash, no shit really. Beauty! . Hence, there is a sense in all this whirl, which you mistakenly call a life.

Monday, March 26, 2012

What is the place you are destined to Olympus?

At the weekend, without the test can not do:-).

The great goddess Demeter powerful. It provides fertile ground, and without its beneficent power nothing grows in shady forests, nor, nor meadows nor arable lands on the mast. Her long beautiful locks of hair of the waves, and his eyes lit inexhaustible wisdom of her garments flowing fragrance of spring flowers. Demeter - Mother Nature: a tender spring foliage cover is trees, flowers glow on the emerald grass meadows, fertile fields of ear, all this - at the behest of the goddess. Praise and respect Demeter mortals and gods, for they know that you should not anger Demeter, as she commands all things.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Here is invited to Codecamp. I would like to invite all the same.
The site -.
http://codecamp. org. ua /.
Post Habré -.
http://habrahabr. ru/blogs/development/53970 /.
Vote for it, plz.

From the text:.

The conference will include two special events:.
InnovationDay. - First Day participants will present their innovative ideas and projects. Ability to attract new people to their own projects, to demonstrate their ideas and find a wider audience of potential investors.

Demotivatory (35 photos)

Friday, March 23, 2012

In RuNet opened the

majoprMajordomo hosting provider launched an online ... The project is a collection of materials dedicated to the creation of sites and their placement on the Internet.

Proceedings of the encyclopedia is currently presented in four sections: ... First Steps, ... Visitors can read about how the site works, why it is needed, learn about the features of the choice of free and paid hosting,.

In addition, the site posted a list of glossary of terms used in the hosting industry.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

What is Saturday?

Sapa, incidentally, is still planted in error references polbaksa. A ksape raised the price paid to 0. 9 in. e. for 1000 ksap. Adsense for the first time ahead of YAN - 4. 56 bucks versus 75 rubles. a day.

And you can not even see the Babylon 5. With a hard time getting to learn a series of. I fall asleep soon after the start.

No one know, when it is an OS?.

Anna Gorenko ( Carp )

January 6, 1972 Mr.. born Russian poet. Anna Gorenko. Who lived in Israel. Real name -. Anna Karpa. The first verses. Ann Karp. date from the year 1987. Anna moved to Israel in 1989.

'. And, of course, it is not a bird or Alkonost Sirin, a bird of God. A bird that turns the sky. Turns the sky, the plane in which the triple jump over the fence. This is not a small Israeli poetry for the big Russian, a large children's poetry for young adults. (E. Lessin ).

more ».

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

How addicted are different signs of the zodiac?

According to astrologers, favorite activity is inextricably linked with the sign of the Zodiac. Therefore tried to find among the different zodiac signs hobbies penchant for virtual communication, development of information technology, etc. n. Hoped it would help me a theoretical basis for the results of the survey that the activity of the network depends on the signs of the zodiac. I remind you that our activists - Gemini, Leo, Aquarius, Pisces. A little behind Archers. By the way, my favorite. ' Good ' site. absolute leader - Fish.
Do not forget to check. ' Horoscope for women in 2011. '. and. Love Horoscope. , To learn. how to do creative work in the Year of the Rabbit. , To check - the same whether your principles in order. what the stars say. And if you're a blogger, you find out -. What is your horoscope for blogger.

But judge for yourself.

more ».


The first case.

Bob lives with Masha. All they have is good, but Bob was a sudden be unhealthy craving for activity and that in a normal family called perversions. Mary understands that the distortions in a family where people love each other does not happen, but to indulge in extravagance Vasey, under various pretexts refused. Bob tries to indefatigably unfreeze Masha, the purchase of various lubricants, it promises to be careful and cautious. But Mary does not give. As a result, Bob began to behave rather strangely became customary to give up sex for a long time to spend time watching TV in another room. Otherwise, business as usual. So all in Mary suspicions: whether Bob got himself a mistress, and it sells out their fantasies, whether they simply discord on the basis of sexual preference. Neither one nor the other Masha are not happy. What does she take Masha did not know. Reluctant to sacrifice her ass, the more that this wild imagination is not limited to Vasey. Vasya leave it too sorry for - oh, this thirst for a strong shoulder near. Bob for her - the implementation of ideas about the ' real man in the house'. And so sexy flaw spoils the whole raspberries.

If someone does something to give - Bob - Lt. frame. Both sympathetic thirty. No children, Maria Vasi little older, but only slightly. In my opinion Bob bluntly ( intellectually ), and the infantile Mary ( daughter of wealthy parents loved to live with Vasya in her apartment ), but with a tower and a high position in the bank. Officially, the marriage was not entered.

The case of second.

Peter lives with Kate. Peter is young, handsome, promising and quite knows nothing about sex. In fact, Peter is able to perform only the friction in a given position. A sophisticated girl Kate. Bob in the rest of her suit, but that's about sex for her - he was a zero. So she gives him when he wants - he wants it, however, rare and fast. But she realizes their desires with lovers. She met through the sites, more than one at a time does not hold, no not looking for romance. Come from the heart to fuck and home to Pete. In general, the Board is not looking for no Kate, but then sooner or later will.

Katia - a housewife, Peter - well earned, although his perspective is hardly a man at the peak of a well-paid profession and it is unlikely anything will change. Years equally, no children. I guess, in terms of Petit it all perfectly: his wife, family, work, and even sex - full stability. Kate is also satisfied with everything, the way. But somehow I'm sure that if something is not done, then this pair of stretch for long - the world is not no ' good ' people. They are officially married, and for a long time.

As always, a question: what to do Masha and Katya?.

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A small home- BDSM

He was acting a military, but as for me, as an ensign - it is not war, because his career was over, had not yet begun. In the luggage of an early first marriage and has a teenager daughter, despotic, proud. Deceptively confident, but in fact can be easily influenced by his own mother and older sister.

She was a young girl, the manager. In the baggage is not complicated relationship with the good, but not arrogant boys love it too. Suggestibility and emotional to a shout.

they. Living in a rented odnushke. Plans to become a family, but somehow, that he is against, the circumstances sometimes against.

The money he spends on himself. They feed on her small salary. He can bring it to buy a thing for her to choose to your liking, then send it to the cashier with the phrase ' go, paid for ', it is understood that from their.

His desires above all. It is not even considered. For any questions he or ignores or is a quarrel. Up to battering. It goes away, sits a few days with relatives and each time returned.

It is a parallel novel to sms and classmates with a married mom about his age, and clearly it is not limited to flowers. When he caught it, it ended just anything. There was a silence so hushed. A novel continued.

She is now pregnant and watching his classmates in developing novel.

For me as friend - the usual overgrown infantile idiot, who played in the life of its own soldiers and. In passing, did the child, divorced in passing, passing, made ​​a pet as a girl, casually flirting. And all this unbearable lightness accompanies the rest of his life.

And it is - a latent masochist, receiving pleasure from the fact that you wipe their feet. And the more vytrut, the more it seems sir, though it is only an infantile dwarf without any prospects, both material and spiritual.

And the longer I watch the situation, the more it seems to me that people have found each other and created their own way a couple of successful. They like and bad together, but alone can not. Inscrutable are thy ways, O Lord.

Actually, ladies and gentlemen, now you are free to express their point, and their advice. And we listen.

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Project activities.

- How to draft and why.
- References.
- The ' War through the eyes of children ': the winner of the regional competition sociocultural projects ' New Generation ' ( 2005. ).
- The ' nest ': the winner of the national competition sociocultural projects ' Perm -2004 ...
- The ' World. -Culture. Province -. - Youth ': the winner of the district fair social and cultural projects ' Nizhny Novgorod -2003 ...

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Psychological: We get older

we grow old.

Formally, we grow old with 28 years, when the body stops growing and begins its degradation. But in fact we begin to age from the moment they finally believe in the hopelessness of the world.

New development of Microsoft: a twisting of the interface element

news_15400_1_MDMany users are already fed up with the order and function of multi-touch, and built-in accelerometers. Therefore, Microsoft has decided not to wait for the thunder will strike, and begin to develop technology that allows management to roll through the sign image on the screen without resorting to such delights as complex UMPC from flexible materials. As the developers of technology, its adoption of the ...

When this development comes to the final consumer, it will be enriched and acoustic feedback, which will inform the user that the current pressure on the device is sufficient, the team adopted. The appearance of such products shows that even today no existing interfaces can be significantly upgraded, without undergoing major changes. And such developments now appear to be increasingly.

Mouse 3-in- one with a microphone and speakers

news_13486_2_MDNew from USBFever - truly versatile device, the manufacturer thought of an optical mouse built into the speaker and microphone! .

Perhaps a little strange looks people, the speaker is not the usual microphone and a computer mouse, but you is more important than the result, not the thoughts of others in your account?.

The new mouse 3-in- 1 Mouse is equipped with a convenient scroll wheel, optical sensor sensitive high resolution - 800 dpi and for the dynamics does not require additional power supply - just plug in your laptop! . The cost of the mouse 3-in- 1 is also happy - just $ 16.
Price: $ 16.

Monday, March 19, 2012

The most compact projector in the world Explay, compatible with all types of mobile devices

news_13884_1_MDIsraeli manufacturer of Explay showed the public the most compact projector from hitherto established. About a year ago portal MobaylDevays. py has represented the concept of this revolutionary device. Now the project has found a real embodiment, and as reported, will soon go on sale.

The first generation of the device under the name Nano Projector is equipped with high-performance processor which carries out the creation of images are equally effective for use in the home (review a movie ) and office (creating business presentations ) to. At the heart of the design - laser imaging technology, which increases the possibilities of digital video processor ASIC ( to the radiant energy device is converted into a much larger amount of energy lithium-ion batteries the projector ).

It is assumed that the device will be compatible with virtually all types of mobile devices through a wireless connection, and makes it possible to create a diagonal image from 7 to 30 inches, using the device in an image sources. The device is a very interesting solution, the only thing that disappointed - it is still covered with a veil of mystery about timing of the appearance of the projector on the market and its value.