Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Power of words - 3: cautious, hot wrangler

The dispute - something unpleasant. Another thing - brainstorming. But the dispute did not born, except mutual irritation. But life is arranged so that people are arguing. With or without. Often and often. With emotions or cold. That's about the past and today we 'll talk.

Hot debater - being emotional. And the emotional person is different, that certainly believes in what he says. Moreover, if the dispute at the beginning of this belief has pokolebima, then at the peak of even the strongest arguments he will never be persuaded. The result of a dispute with a man is always one - everyone is at its. Occasionally, if the two disagree emotional companion, the second one suppresses the emotions and the dispute ends in victory for a brighter debater.

What to do with the debater?.

We must give him fizzle out. Any dispute such a person is undulating in nature and has a very sharp peak, followed by a decline in binding. The decline is characterized by a lack of confidence in his point of view and light pricks of conscience ' Nájera good people insulted '. At this point, you can strike and make the debater to take their point of view.

So according to this logic, the algorithm is as follows:.
1) We support the dispute, advancing their arguments. It is important that they have enough to cross the peak. In order not to spend too much, put forward arguments only when the presentation of arguments on the other side goes down.
2) When the first signs of fatigue, it is necessary to take a break. For example, coffee or smoke. At this time, your brain is completely cooled, while the opposite side of the recession will go faster, because he had nothing to warm themselves - there is no dispute.
3) Pause. Wrangler himself must come to the conclusion that he is wrong (or maybe not right or wrong that offended, insulted ). To a man made it faster, we should indeed be offended.
4) After the proposal for a truce to propose its decision. In most cases (if it is acceptable to both the decision - to accept the absurd no one in any state ), it will be accepted.

example. two Friends. One bought a car ( Lada Kalina ), which according to the second - just a closet with nuts or a bucket of bolts, so he tries to convince the customer happy. The first sure of their choice, but the second argument does not hear.
- Bob, you do not understand, it's a coffin on wheels. Why do not you bought a KIA, two thousand extra surcharge. bucks?.
- Sing, I did not have two thousand. And the fundamental difference between these cars to travel to the country do not see.
- Bob, you're a complete ass, what do you need friends, I would take 2 pieces.
- Peter, I did not want anybody to take. I just wanted an inexpensive car, you do not mind burying.
- Bob, you moron, it's not you, it would kill you this car.

then the situation is heating up, and Pete breaks down at the creek. Bob calls for a voice of reason, but no one hears. Peter begins to nervously pace the room. Bob is inflated and sitting in silence.
- Peter, let's have a smoke.
- Okay, let's go on the porch.
stand, smoke. Bob bravely portrays the hurt. Pete is tormented, but he is confident in the correctness of their point of view. But you have to put up.
- Vasya, well, you do realize that I'm right.
- Yes, Pete, you're right.
- But Differently Daewoo KIA or there would have been better.
- Yes, it would be better.
- Well, what are you?.
- You know, I've bought it to practice. Poezzhu to the country. And I do not like to take - sorry, it is fundamentally.
- Well, if you work out, then the mode will. But when you decide to buy a normal car, you call me.
- Ok.

Aw, Snap Here. agreed.

Yet this technique is well applied to the whimsical children.

- Dad, buy candy.
- No Money.
- Buy Now.
- No, we go.
- Buy a piece of candy!.
- No, we're going to buy your apples.
- I do not want apples, buy a piece of candy!.
- No, not buy, money is only for apples.
- I want candy! .

on hysteria, sulky little face, hands folded on his chest. Move the child from the place it is almost impossible, immediately starts screaming. We begin parading about their business, ignoring the child's. The child calms down a little. Then a red herring (we did not invite the child to smoke! ).
- Mitya, do not hold the bag while I will wear a jacket.
- Come on now buy apples, and candy will decide about tomorrow. We are now planning to buy only apples and more money I do not have. Good?.
- Good.

applause. curtain. The play is over.

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