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What is a TIC

Actually no secret that the thematic index of citing of talks about the credibility of the resource in their area. But if the OS - parameter is directly tied to a specific page, and in fact - to the specific material or a cover page. That TCI - a parameter that is applied directly on the entire site, which increases its responsibility for the contents of the site as a whole.

How does a TIC? . No one has ever heard of a site without a single reference was this option. So it means a site different from each other in terms of TCI only by the number of links and their quality? . But not only. After all, we 're talking about the thematic index. T. e. There is a third option, which we call thematically, or you can - relevant links.

T. e. relatively speaking, is calculated as TCI.

number of links * coeff. And the quality of links * B * B tematichnost links.

Of course, in fact, the formula is different and no one has, except for a limited number of developers and some insiders do not know, but for our discussion, and this formula more than enough.

Based on the type of formula, we understand that what is balanced the distribution of our reference, the better. T. e. trivial amount of pumping will be less stable than a few links that will give a significant contribution to the quality and tematichnost. In fact - to stand on three legs is more convenient than the one - the principle of stool.

Notice, we have one principle in the way given TCI - call it ' themes '. Anyway, all the links to the sites can be divided into species. And some - and even at the subspecies. T. e. all links belong to a group, and therefore can be filtered by those who are able to identify this group attachment, t. e. by Yandex.

T. e. our formula provides a quick view of this remark to mean:.

The sum of ( (the number of links * coeff. And the quality of links * B * B tematichnost links ) * Group [i]).

Where the Group [i] - factor responsible for the effect of a group of links. It fits nicely in the fact that the deceased subject is still working, but their influence is very far from the original.

On the other hand, if this hypothesis is correct, then in addition to general recommendations about the balance between quality - of - thematically, we obtain direct advice referential spread out between different groups of links.

Some might say that sapossylki show different tematichnost and in theory can get into different groups. This is not so. Almost all sapossylki can be classified as single saydbarnyh links - sapossylki made ​​in the context by code. In fact it is just a stand alone links to external resources. T. e. 5-10 pages of analysis is sufficient to identify the corrupt links. Why they are not filtered? . Those who have long been engaged in promotion sapossylkami you may porasskazat much as it was necessary to reference a couple of years ago to promote your site and how much is needed now.

T. e. Yandex does not necessarily break sap or other base exchanges, and to resort to psevdoanalizu site with additional parameters for the page. Banal analysis of the site is sufficient to isolate the corrupt links. Why not ignore all Yandex sales links in one fell swoop? .

So, this little interlude about selling links that led us to an interesting conclusion that the different groups at different times have different weights. Thus, the sites have unbalanced referential change as its position in the sickle, and TCI randomly. The reference, which spread out into different groups, has a high resistance to vibrations of the coefficients and as a result of TCI as a whole retains its value for such sites.

However, at least we know, and that the two sites, promoted by the same method, but with a gap in time give us different results for the TCI and sickle. The difference in the trust reference. The fact that inbound link to your site collects Trust - has long been known. Even sapossylku can present as a fine wine. It does not disappoint Yandex about her corruption, but on the other hand does not interfere with the link to save the trust. What is even more said that Yandex is not a judge - he analyzer that gives equal chances to all techniques and even black, just in time negate the value of the coefficients of different techniques to acceptable for Yandex.

T. e. The quality of the term - is not constant and tends to change over time in both directions. Links often go deep into the site and may even drop out of the index, along with the pages where they are located. The site can die. The site can begin to change the subject. Reference may be better not only because of the time, but also by increasing the reference to the page where it is located. Everything flows, everything changes. And thus, by changing the term quality of the site may lose the TCI for a few months if a referential cease to grow. The most interesting is that the fall is the saturation. T. e. decline slowed down and is fixed to a certain size, are often different from zero, and falls to zero only at the death of a certain topic or a minimum number of links that have died over time.

The conclusions from all this reasoning does not amaze you with novelty. At least, I certainly. Any topic of capacity TCI can not be long due to the fact that TCI living, growing organism, and the theme only affects one group of links, which sooner or later will be highlighted, and its rate is determined and fixed. For example, TCI naraschivaenie directory still works, but the coefficient is so small that to get more tITs20 almost impossible.

The second conclusion - the topic will not die. They are isolated and fixed. They still contribute, but to force the minimized.

The third conclusion - the naturalness of the reference is not a panacea. Natural referenced in the same way can be attributed to a particular group of links and zafiltrovano with them. For example, links from blogs - good technique a year ago. But the growing popularity of blogs, and then the various services on the placement of guards and reviews allowed, apparently, to allocate the data links in a separate group and is now a substantial contribution to the TIC, they will not give. T. e. tITs10 -20 continues to get easy, but further growth is difficult. A link exchange blogs zafiltrovali even before I became actively engaged in blogging - a contribution to eat, but feel it at a young blog is very difficult to.

Fourth conclusion: Salvation in Diversity. How to order thousands of runs, the best balance between drafts, muzzles, sapossylkami and reviews. The effect of even a small amount of visible options in the first ap.

Fifth conclusion: webmaster often ignore the relevance of references. I did not put in vain our reasoning setting thematically. The more relevant a link to the environment, where the link is, the above result. T. e. better than a good review than a dozen references. Better links thematically than garbage.

All this, of course, the general arguments. We did not consider here such a time as a blur of weight donor. For example, the only link ( in the plan, there is simply no other references ) from the authoritative resource can provide a non-zero CY. But it just fits into the ' themes ', and is easily detached in a separate group with a high weight - why not?.

So the best - not zamarachivatsya on the search for a fleeting theme, and look for opportunities to build a comprehensive reference throughout the life of the site. This is me in the fact that the building is now a fashionable articles, sooner or later would have the effect of isolating the group. For example, one of the signs will decrease in TCI at sites that received surveys in a natural way, because for them it was a one-time, one might say, individual stocks, but now sites move hundreds of articles at once. T. e. by lowering the quality factor of the group will review the natural to give a smaller contribution.

There are doubts? .

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