Friday, March 30, 2012

How to quickly gain followers?

Hi all, due to bad weather, I'll write an article the day. A paper will be about how to quickly gain followers on Twitter.
And so you have to download it so you can. here.
After installation, you will need to connect your Twitter account in the program.
>>>To do this, click on ' Settings ' ' Account Settings ', then click ' Add Account ' and enter your data.
Now I will tell you briefly about the modes in this program.

Massfolloving mode:.
The meaning of this mode is that the people would Follow for a specific request that you add. For example:. Sports, Music, Blogging, SEO, etc..

Folloving on the list:.

There are two options: the first one - the program Fallaway the entire list of followers of a single account.

The second option: the Internet you can find dependable base of accounts, T. e. those that are 100% Follow you back. List of data accounts entered into the program and it is held folloving.


This mode removes you from among the followers of those accounts that are not Follow You in return.

This program offers free use within 7 days. After this you should buy a license to use the program:. price per license. for 1 year - $ 30 (1,100 rubles) and 2 years - $ 50 (1,500 rubles).

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