Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Let's talk about outdoor recreation

Yesterday I bought palatochkah. Four-seater, with a vestibule. Good, easy. I remember how we used to go camping with canvas - heavy, like bricks, and, God forbid, caught in the rain. However, before the campaign, and was more similar to that: landed somewhere in the train and five to seven miles in full gear peshochkom.

Now everything is much simpler: go to the store, filled the trunk of any fare and go to places close to water and fresh air. The area is small and we have really a god forsaken place is hard to find, and honestly, and do not want much: there are a number of places where there was a well-defined practice of relaxation. Somewhere comfortable to swim, somewhere - to fish somewhere - Sunbathing. Everyone has their own cockroaches.

The main thing is that if you're going to sleepover, then the next morning you know how well that usually you live in an apartment with private facilities, and to store a stone's throw. Wrinkled face, the omnipresent smell of smoke, the morning is not something that cool, and the real cold. Even the rain at the wrong time. No wash, no shit really. Beauty! . Hence, there is a sense in all this whirl, which you mistakenly call a life.

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