Wednesday, March 21, 2012


The first case.

Bob lives with Masha. All they have is good, but Bob was a sudden be unhealthy craving for activity and that in a normal family called perversions. Mary understands that the distortions in a family where people love each other does not happen, but to indulge in extravagance Vasey, under various pretexts refused. Bob tries to indefatigably unfreeze Masha, the purchase of various lubricants, it promises to be careful and cautious. But Mary does not give. As a result, Bob began to behave rather strangely became customary to give up sex for a long time to spend time watching TV in another room. Otherwise, business as usual. So all in Mary suspicions: whether Bob got himself a mistress, and it sells out their fantasies, whether they simply discord on the basis of sexual preference. Neither one nor the other Masha are not happy. What does she take Masha did not know. Reluctant to sacrifice her ass, the more that this wild imagination is not limited to Vasey. Vasya leave it too sorry for - oh, this thirst for a strong shoulder near. Bob for her - the implementation of ideas about the ' real man in the house'. And so sexy flaw spoils the whole raspberries.

If someone does something to give - Bob - Lt. frame. Both sympathetic thirty. No children, Maria Vasi little older, but only slightly. In my opinion Bob bluntly ( intellectually ), and the infantile Mary ( daughter of wealthy parents loved to live with Vasya in her apartment ), but with a tower and a high position in the bank. Officially, the marriage was not entered.

The case of second.

Peter lives with Kate. Peter is young, handsome, promising and quite knows nothing about sex. In fact, Peter is able to perform only the friction in a given position. A sophisticated girl Kate. Bob in the rest of her suit, but that's about sex for her - he was a zero. So she gives him when he wants - he wants it, however, rare and fast. But she realizes their desires with lovers. She met through the sites, more than one at a time does not hold, no not looking for romance. Come from the heart to fuck and home to Pete. In general, the Board is not looking for no Kate, but then sooner or later will.

Katia - a housewife, Peter - well earned, although his perspective is hardly a man at the peak of a well-paid profession and it is unlikely anything will change. Years equally, no children. I guess, in terms of Petit it all perfectly: his wife, family, work, and even sex - full stability. Kate is also satisfied with everything, the way. But somehow I'm sure that if something is not done, then this pair of stretch for long - the world is not no ' good ' people. They are officially married, and for a long time.

As always, a question: what to do Masha and Katya?.

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