Sunday, April 1, 2012

Categories goals and objectives, or ease of time management

Now, when the sense of ' porridge in the head ' slowly fading away, I 'm more or less clear structure for all purposes and objectives that have to be put.
By the way, the planning - it would seem, left-hemispheric work - helps a lot in the works, in particular - in the literary.
So, the structure of this - first of all categories, which are broken down in the planning and grouped all the affairs of any urgency and priority ( screenshot of EssentialPIM):.

About a year ago, the number of categories was five, now there are entire eleven. At intervals, respectively, somewhere between seven and nine. They were less specific and not always accurately reflect and encompass all areas of my life.
This raises another problem - the disappearing simplicity and minimalism. The diversity of colors in the organizer becomes unbearable, and despite this clear distinction, you start to get confused in the details.
Therefore we adopted a policy not to drill through categories, and their simplification. For example, I am now quite convenient to combine into a single category of ' welfare ' and ' Shelter ', but another part of the ' purple ' category - ' Finance ' - add ' careers and work '. So, adding and subtracting one from another, it is possible to simplify all.
We'll have to revise the existing problems with this position, but it is relatively easy to do, correcting the list of categories of specialized program.
After some manipulation of the list, I got the following output:.

From simple, we want to come to something complex, but then, realizing that the more complex - does not mean more valuable once again seek to simplify things.
In this case, it is the latest scheme justifies my current expectations and beliefs as well - the circumstances in which I was forced to live.
And these seemingly unimportant three lines make it easier to work with three tens and three goals by hundreds of tasks that are allocated separately from the others and enveloped colorful tinsel to-do list in the organizer.

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