Friday, April 27, 2012

The interaction of the projections: Side by side

The system allows SidebySide images, projected on a wall by two independent projectors, interact with each other.
Prototype SidebySide created by scientists at Carnegie Mellon University in conjunction with the developers of Disney Research: a device with a miniature integrated pico -projectors and allows the images on the wall to interact with each other.
The point is to complement the pico- projector (read about them in the article ...
Our eye is visible only with the work of the projector and the image it creates, but each image is projected onto an invisible infrared code that detects the camera coupled device. When the system notices that the codes are markers closer together, it somehow changes the picture, as if they actually interact.
While working prototype demonstrated in a few simple examples of games - for example, beating a pair of boxers. But given the fact that among the sponsors of the project was listed Company Disney Research, in the future, games will become more. Yes, and other capabilities in the system is sufficiently.

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