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Silicon out of the stupor of the energy

from-ua. com. / 24. 10. 2007.

Despite the claimed authority plans to reduce energy consumption, this did not happen. So far, Ukraine.

remains the most energy intensive country in Europe, which consumes a lot of gas, oil, electricity. All this is reflected in billions of dollars of debt, massive non-payments, enormous monetary cost, low competitiveness of Ukrainian industry and the growth of tariffs for housing. Meanwhile, using new technology, our country could at times reduce energy consumption, thereby reducing the burden on the budget, increasing the need sotsvyplaty, increasing the profitability of enterprises.

Funny thing is that for energy efficient technologies do not have to travel to distant lands, and their value is not so high, as officials say, stretching from the budget amounts to not quite clear energosnizhayuschie program. All this is done, and we have successfully applied. However, as a consumer, and the state is not particularly familiar with these products, although it has successfully sold on world markets.

It is a silicon technologies. This material is rich in our land, and it is based on them is a whole range of semiconductors - from solar panels to the computer processor.

Silicon - the basic material for the production of energy-saving products, including solar cells. The use of materials with the addition of silicon allows great savings on all rising in price of traditional fuels - oil, gas and biofuels. According to analysts, the need for the production of polycrystalline silicon will be more than 30 thousand. t.

In countries such as China and Taiwan, is gaining momentum at the state support the production of solar cells, modules, of which 70% - silicon. Unfortunately, Ukraine, formerly one of the largest earners of silicon, has lost his deposit, which came in a deep decline, and has evolved from the exporting country to importing country. Now companies are trying to restore the lost potential, reviving the mining and production, but it is a long and laborious process.

However, all the same thanks to some businesses not only energy-efficient technologies have not been forgotten, but also continued its development.

For example, the company. ... We all know it is the production of computers. However, the. ... is a holding company, which combines many of the activities in the field of high technology. It should be noted that. ... has a complete infrastructure - from research and development of new processes to full industrial production of developed products, as well as, importantly, its maintenance and service. Now, as a holding company manufactures products for military, industrial and aerospace systems, as well as for mass consumption.

Moreover, these products do not differ from the products of foreign manufacture, and sometimes surpass them in many ways - especially in price and quality.

The company opted for a combination of military- technical technology enterprises of the former Soviet Union, its modern developments and know-how of the West. As a result, the plant. ... , Located in Kiev, managed to create its own ... In particular, the company managed to establish the production of components for renewable energy such as:.
- Photovoltaic cells. Their production capacity - more than 8 MW per year;.
- PV modules. Production capacity - more than 4 MW per year. ... now started manufacturing solar modules for terrestrial applications ranging from 6 to 150 W. A characteristic feature of these products - reliability, efficiency and ability to work in a variety of klimaticheskizh conditions can not be said about the import analogues, adapted, mainly in warmer climates;.
- Installation of photovoltaic systems, renewable energy.

... introduces them to different objects:.
- Household objects (houses, hospitals, schools, yard, street, park lighting );.
- Industrial facilities;.
- Agriculture;.
- Tourism (mobile energy supply system, self- lighting, charging for ... Dr.. ).

The company also specializes in manufacturing silicon wafers for the needs of renewable energy.

The advantages of this product are evident. According to the calculations of representatives of Ukrainian enterprises, 30 sq.. meters of solar panels will be enough to provide the necessary Power to the winter night to the big house. During the ten- day reality of the light can be obtained with a 1.5 kilowatt battery meter. With the battery area of ​​10 square meters - 15 kW. But the usual apartment per day consumes only 3-5 kW. In winter, daylight is five hours, and the weather is not so perfect. Therefore, the required seven- latitudes of the Ukrainian power reserve. However, the costs quickly pay for themselves. Because the cost of heat and light is much lower than from conventional sources. In addition, the house is completely independent from the municipal supply is very unreliable in our time. Batteries are already fitted with tens of thousands of homes in Europe and the U.S.. We have also long solar panels - fancy. Experts say all of the ignorance.

Just a couple of numbers in favor of solar panels:.
- Solar battery life of more than 25 years;.
- A typical efficiency of solar cells 14%;.
- The voltage of any element of a silicon plate: no load - 0. 6, under load - 0. 5 (with 1 kW/m2 insolation );.
- By 2020, Sweden plans to completely abandon fossil fuels;.
- In Germany for several years, the state program ...

company. ... successfully implementing energy efficiency programs abroad. The company's technology allowed the electricity to remote corners of Asia and Africa. These countries can not afford to light through the power lines, since their installation quite costly. But solar technology affordable, and not so dependent on weather conditions such as wind and temperature.

But in Kazakhstan, ... The company won the tender for the UN desalination by solar panels. By the way, participated in it, and Western companies, which eventually lost in terms of price - quality. As a result, the project was successfully implemented, and the Kazakh steppe and desert villages have a long-awaited water. A characteristic feature: the specialists of the company, as opposed to Western transcend extreme conditions. Therefore, the Ukrainians are much faster than their European counterparts. By the way, this experience would be useful in the electrification of the ...

As a native of Ukraine, the city that benefited from. ... , Not only sorry for the introduction of new technologies, but also strongly promote it to their colleagues. For example, the first customer for street lighting technology with the help of solar panels has become the town of Ostrog. As a result, the cost of the acquisition system have paid off for the half year, and further coverage of the city was almost completely bezzatratnym. After the success with the city lights technology. ... decided to learn at low cost educational and medical institutions Jail - schools, hospitals and clinics, schools, colleges.
Interested in technology Ukrainian Hi-Tech and our metallurgists. and how. Because the industry is considered the most energy-intensive. With the help of metallurgical silicon solar giants can reduce the consumption of coal, gas and electricity, and some go to the self-energy.

company. ... has long been recognized as a leader in the dissemination of energy efficient technologies. Ukrainians are well on their way to foreign markets, selling abroad its silicon products, because the demand for it increases all the time. There is a growing interest in it and by the Ukrainian consumers are not willing to pay more for electricity.
Representatives of Ukrainian Hi -tech hope that their products will become popular during the implementation of energy efficiency programs of Ukrainian cities and enterprises.

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