Thursday, April 26, 2012

Why are our programmers shine in the ICPC, and no one to work?

Recent news about. success of our programmers in ICPC. once again raise questions - why is Lefty, and the country is lagging behind?.
ICPC - the creators of a contest that Knuth did read (in translation, if not in the original).
These people demand only basic IT, where new products are created, sometimes Such a fundamentally new information technologies in Russia very few people involved, while the foreign companies in the well-remembered rule, formulated in the first edition of 'Peopleware' - the best programmers are working at times .

Shortage of personnel in IT based on requests from companies 'normal' business, which as soon as possible to use / adapt existing technologies, and high demand for experienced maintenance / revision, preferably inexpensive (t. to. the cost of IT services - it costs the company).

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