Monday, April 2, 2012

Traffic to your blog from Google

Now propose to proceed to the practical use of Google. Our task - to remove. traffic to the site. of this social network. And well, what would the traffic was as much as possible!.

For these purposes, developers have implemented in Google wonderful tool Sparks ( Sparks ).

tool Sparks.

On the Google home page by default open ' Tape ' with a list of communities in which we divided our friends and acquaintances. Below this list is a link ' Threads ' - it is we are interested!.

When you click on ' Topics ' in the center of the page to open a number of beautiful pictures with the names of popular topics.

Just above the picture we see the search form. Enter the name to search for topics of interest to us, for example - 'SEO'.

On the left, under the heading ' Topics ', there is the word 'SEO'.

with a symbolic icon of spark -. And instead of tape image appears with links to articles on the chosen topic.

This is - a clear demonstration of how the tool works Sparks ( Sparks ).

If you take a close look at the titles of proposed papers, make sure that they all contain the keyword 'SEO', which allowed them to be at issue in this request.

Google employees. argue that the search involved in Sparks, will use a new algorithm.

Extract the traffic to the site from Google.

In contrast to the narrow thematic groups on Facebook, on Google, we can not limit the potential audience of one or more circles of readers.

Consider carefully any of the links in the issuance of. We see:.

  1. A link to the page of article.

  2. A link to the home page.

  3. Thumbnail of the image.

  4. The first paragraph or more keywords.

Now - let's try the right to publish our article on Google.

1 ) Go to Google Home.

2) Select the option ' Add Reference '.

3) Insert a link to the article and click on ' add'.

4) Choose ' All ' and click ' Add User '.

5) In the list that appears, select ' Advanced circles ' and press the button below the ' Share '.

Our paper will be automatically added to the sparks, categorized according to key words in the title.

From the above, you can try to make a definite conclusion. At this time ( the time of writing ), I 'm in the quarters 22 people. Most of these people and their interests, I do not know. Accordingly, I can not say for sure - how many readers of these discs will go to my blog after the publication of the announcement.

But with the right keyword, title, and with due quality of the article, you can be sure that she will appear in the film everyone who asks a relevant topic in Sparks!.

The effect of using this new source of traffic for the site after a while you will be able to observe in the analytical services.

I hope the information in this article is enough to get amicable. applause. clicks on the icon of social networks in the late post!.

Thank you for your attention ).

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