Monday, May 21, 2012

Internet gave

Today, according to the program nogovodney food prices following: Satellite-X (. 26. 25WMZ. ), AutoBlog-X (. 24WMZ. ), Dorgen-X (. 23. 7WMZ. ).

Not? . 4. 1:.
- Significantly increased the speed of generation of Dora, which is especially noticeable when a large number of keys.
- Added vzmozhnost save in UTF-8 (source still need to be in Win- 1251).
- Added a template to customize the announcement on the index page.
- Set the number of navigation links.
- Added a macro [-current-link-] displays a link to the current Kay (used in the formation of the announcement ).

And closer to the New Year you will Dorgen-X plug-in for ukoza: poured, pressed a button and get ready dor in automatic mode. Details of the club.

Again, a little? .

Now about the campaign:.
Everyone who buys any of the X- products through me - I give eu domain in the zone as a gift. Offer valid until December 31, 2009.

What you need to do to get a bonus:.
a. To purchase any of the scripts X- line here -. Open this link.
2. Activate an invite to the club.
3. Write to me in PM (Atlantweb) to receive a bonus. Only write in a personal online.

That's basically all the conditions.

Let us call it a day. Go to work. A little later, is a great article about business and business skills - how to take them.

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