Saturday, May 5, 2012

Advertising brought the ' classmates ' $ 3.3 million

In the first quarter of this year, a social network Odnoklassniki. ru earned $ 3.3 million advertising, newspaper Vedomosti. Of this amount, $ 3 million to bring banner advertising, and $ 300,000 - contextual ads. According to founder and co-owner of the resource by Albert Popkov in 2008 as a whole net income will be about 25-30 million U.S. dollars. At the moment, ' Classmates ' occupy 5 % of the market banner advertising. It is expected that by the end of the year this figure will increase to 8-10%.

The network already offers paid services, but Popkov promises that the main sections of the resource will remain free. The network should become profitable in 2009, and while it remains unprofitable. The base of registered users ' Classmates ' has 15 million people. The number of fake profiles is about 5%. The daily increase in users is 100,000 people, most of them - are residents of the regions, Muscovites, among the newcomers are almost no. In the month of the network is 10.3 million people, and the average time that each of them spends on the site - 5.5 hours. For comparison, a social network Vkontakte is visited monthly by 9.4 million people, and each of them holds a resource of more than 13 hours.

About that, how much it cost the launch of Odnoklassniki. ru, and how much money is spent on support 140 servers, Albert Popkov not told. However, managing partner Ashmanov and partners ' Igor Ashmanov believes that 140 servers are not less than $ 1 million, and the costs of social networks is much more. However, Ashmanov sure Odnoklassniki. ru, as Vkontakte. ru, can be profitable now.

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